How to Wear Stylish Scarves - A Guide for Men by Dope Lifestyle

July 06, 2017

In winter or even in the middle season, the scarf and the scarf are some of the most versatile and functional accessories that integrate the masculine look.

What is the difference between scarve and scarf?

Scarf has two plurals—scarfs and scarves. Scarves is the preferred form, but scarfs is the original and was more common before the 20th century. It’s still used, but only less than once for every 20 instances of scarves.

Basic Tips

    • While buying give it a try, it is the time when you see if it matches your style, the size fits perfectly or not.

    • Prefer the products made from natural materials like cotton,silk or cashmere, plain wool,hybrid fabrics with the blend having softest touch will be a good choice 

    • Caution : Synthetic materials are flammable so keep in mind while you choose the material.

    • Keep a bunch of scarfs for the different occassions

    As usual, we set up a visual guide with more style tips and ways to use, just scroll on the page 

    Knitting scarves are the most bulky, but also the ones that get hotter, use them in a day of intense cold, but avoid combining them with bulky pieces as well, the result can be exaggerated.

    Wool scarves with tartan plaid pattern make good company for tweed coats and fishbone blazers.

    The tone on tone is also worth here, leaving the combination harmonious and light, whether with heavy and warm parts or with the lightest and freshest.

    Explore colors and textures, mix wool with jeans and twill, and to close perfectly get a little contrast with a scarf or scarf with more rustic style.

    The length also counts: if you do not like leftover tips choose a shorter model or twist your neck, but be careful not to look like the scarf is swallowing you.

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