Adele and Jennifer Lawrence enter a Gay Bar in NYC

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence walked into a gay bar ... Yeah that's true, the grammy winner and the oscar winner were spotted last night in New York City.

The stars reportedly played dancing-drinking game with New York City Gay Men's Chorus. Adele introduced herself as "a stay-at-home mum". She even said she's still ready to mingle and have a good time with the gays.

Jennifer Lawrence recently got engaged to art dealer boyfriend Cooke Maroney. Adele teased Jlaw saying, You're f---ing engaged and you're not even relevant to be here.
Lawrence replied,"  This has got nothing to do with my drinking abilities.

Pieces Ba is a Gay Bar Located in Greenwich Village, NYC. Jennifer Lawrence wore a tan turtleneck with a messy bun of hairs while Adele chose black t-shirt with a black coat and leggings

Fans were excited to see their favourite rockstars and twitter was filled with tweets showing love and respect to these stars. Here are some tweets:
I love that Adele and Jennifer Lawrence, of all the gay bars, visited Pieces. That’s wild.
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my dumbass came face to face with adele and all i could think to do is ask her to put my empty glass on the table next to us because i couldn’t reach it
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So Jennifer Lawrence and Adele were at Pieces Bar last night and I am so mad at myself that I wasn’t there I’ll never be okay about this
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For folk, Friday, March 22, 2019 will be remembered as:

12:00a-4:59pm: Snore


6:00-11:00p: Casual tea about the Mueller report.


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So I went to Pieces last night and Adele decided to show up right after I left. I wanna end it all.
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